How do I set up my Hawkeye Wireless controller with my iPhone?

1) Turn on your Hawkeye and press the bluetooth button on the top. This will put the controller into pairing mode.

2) On your bluetooth supported device, make sure bluetooth is turned on and you should be able to find the Hawkeye in your supported device's bluetooth menu. If the Hawkeye does not show up, try to disable and re-enable bluetooth

3) The Hawkeye will only work with games and applications and provide MFi controller support. There is a list of compatible games included in the Hawkeye Companion App which is almost finish and will be launch on app store.


How do I charge my Hawkeye?

The Hawkeye GamePad can be charged via the Micro USB port on the GamePad. If the R lamp light red up, the power is less than 30% of battery. Depending on the charger you’re using, it generally takes between one to two hours for a full charge.

How do I check if a game is compatible with the Hawkeye?

Yes. The Hawkeye is an MFi GamePadr, and should be compatible with games that have MFi support. We’ll launch Richbox Hawkeye Companion App which can find a list of compatible games but now you also can find the games from steelseries and Gamevice.

What device is the Hawkeye compatible with?

Currently, Hawkeye is compatible with iPhoneX, iPhone 8 series, iPhone 7 series, iPhone 6 series and iPhone SE. 

How the Hawkeye can fit all iPhone models?

Yes. We may revise our top case to show all the iPhone camera places and make use of the silicone rubber in the inner with red mark to stick full size of iPhone

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